Email Services and the plans that can use them

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Mailstore is your Pobox email inbox. It includes 50GB of storage, and IMAP/POP access. We provide support for most major email clients.

We can Import your Mailbox from another provider, to get started quickly.

Mailstore Archive keeps an archive of your mail, separate from your Inbox. All messages sent to Mailstore get CCed to your Archive.


Webmail uses our parent service Fastmail's best-in-breed mobile-friendly interface.

Native iOS and Android apps make the experience even better on your phone.

Email Filters

Running email filters at Pobox instead of in your email program (server-side filtering) lets you:

  • Reduce delays when receiving new messages
  • Be sure that messages forwarded to different locations are all processed the same way
  • Filter mail into Mailstore folders (Mailstore accounts only)

Messages can be searched for exact words or partial patterns in the From, To, Subject, any header, or anywhere in the message. They can be discarded, CCed, redirected or have their subject tagged.

Three special add-ons that can be applied to your filters:

  • Push Notifications: Get an immediate alert when a matching message comes in. Pobox can send push notifications to Pushover and Prowl.

  • Mobile/pager delivery: Send your email to your phone via SMS (if your phone provider has an email-to-SMS gateway.) We reduce the text to get the most message into 160 characters.
  • Autoresponses: Set up custom message texts, and send them to correspondents whose messages trigger your filter. Their message will be sent on to your delivery destination.

Delivery Groups

Mailstore and Plus accounts may select 6 Pobox addresses/aliases (and many more at their own domains!) They may assign those addresses different delivery locations. Set up one address that sends mail to your work account, and another one that is for strictly personal use, and another one that sends copies to both you and your spouse.

Check out our Pricing page for more details on address and volume limits. The number of delivery locations on an account cannot exceed the number of addresses.

Spam Protection

Spam protection isn't one size fits all. Some people prefer to never see spam. Others would rather see a few messages rather than take the risk that any legitimate message would end up in a spam folder. At Pobox, we let you customize your settings, to fit your own comfort level.

Messages flagged as spam are held or bounced, based on your settings.

We publish accuracy statistics for our filtering levels, so you can decide. Messages sent from your Trusted Senders are never filtered.

Block By Country

Know you never correspond with folks in certain parts of the world? Block all mail from that country or region, and see your spam levels drop even further.

Select regions to block by country or continent.

Vacation Mail

Let people know you're away from your email with an easy autoreply.

Every correspondent gets just one copy, and you can schedule when we should turn it on and off.

Trusted Senders

Trusted Senders only work if your correspondents are on your list. To make things as easy as possible on you, Trusted Senders can be added in 3 ways:

  • When you send mail, if you use Pobox's SMTP server
  • If you release a message from the Spam section.
  • by uploading an address book or file

We identify legitimate email marketing and other VERPed addresses (but let us know if we miss one!) Advanced users may also choose to add:

  • domains or subdomains
  • servers and networks by IP address

SMTP Access

Pobox SMTP access is available to all accounts, and accepts messages with sizes up to 25MB. All outbound mail is checked against our spam filter and is rate-limited for the protection of all SMTP users.This SMTP access is for individual correspondence, and cannot be used to send mass email, newsletters or transactional messages.

For mass email or newsletters, check out our sister service, Yahoo!Groups, or Google Groups. For transactional messages, we recommend SendGrid.