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Features By Account Type

Mailstore - Pobox Plus - Pobox Basic
$50 $35 $20 Annual Price
    IMAP & POP Access
    50 GB of Storage
  Forwarding By Alias
  Email Filters
  Mobile & Pager Notification
Multiple Email Addresses
Forwarding to up to 5 destinations
Use your own domain
Pobox Spam Protection
Outgoing SMTP Access
URL Redirection
Vacation Mail
World-class Customer Support

How we use your personal info

At signup: to confirm you're a real person

After signup: to contact you in case of problems with your account (like a mail loop, or we suspect someone is trying to gain unauthorized access); as a secondary confirmation method in case you lose access to your account; if you send a payment by check that we can't match to an account

Business planning: to see what countries our customers live in

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What am I agreeing to?

You're not going to send (legal or illegal) bulk or unsolicited email, break the law, or do other bad stuff. Read on for more details.

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