Pricing for Individuals

Account Type Mailstore Pobox Plus Pobox Basic
  Webmail / IMAP / POP Forwarding Only
Forwarding Only
  Our most popular option For filter fans Easy email freedom
Yearly Price $50
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Forwarding to up to 5 destinations
Use your own domain
Customized Spam Filters
Outgoing SMTP Access
URL Redirection
Vacation Autoreply
World-class Customer Support
Forwarding By Address  
Email Filters  
Mobile & Pager Notification  
IMAP & POP Access    
50 GB of Storage    
Pobox Addresses up to 6 up to 6 up to 3
Total Addresses
(Personal Domains + Pobox)
up to 100 up to 40 up to 20
AllMail for domains 2 included $10/domain $10/domain
Account Volume Limits
4,000 2,000 1,000
Account Bandwidth Limits

About Volume Limits

Volume limits are based on deliveries, which is the amount of mail coming in + the amount we send out. So, inbound spam we filter for you counts as 1 message. If you forward legitimate mail to multiple addresses, it counts as the number of addresses we deliver it to.

For example, an account gets 10 messages, 6 of which we filter as spam. They forward to 3 addresses (Mailstore, Gmail and Comcast.) Those 10 messages would count as
6 spam + (4 delivered * 3 locations) = 18 deliveries.

Personal Domains

Use your own domain at Pobox!

Email Service Free
Registration (optional) $15/year
AllMail (optional) $10/year

Mailstore gets 2 free

We happily support domains registered with other providers.

A domain uses 1 address slot; the number of available address slots is the limit of domains on one account. Domains can be shared with other accounts if you choose.

Find out more about domain services.


All individual Pobox accounts can pay for 5 years, and get a sixth free.

Billing groups with 2 or more accounts get a 10% discount; 5 or more get a 20% discount.

Also see Group and Corporate Account Pricing for discounts on multiple accounts.

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