Your email is key to your online identity. Keeping control of it is important for your professional life, your personal contacts, and even the security of your online services. We think everyone should have their own domain. It's the email address that you can never lose!

A personal or business domain should give you more freedom and flexibility, not less. We make it easy to use your own domain for email. BYOD (bring your own domain), or register one with us. Forward to any service you like, or get a Pobox Inbox.

You will use a username at Pobox to open your account. Your domain is added after you sign up.

No Domain Yet

If you don't have a domain yet, Pobox will happily register one for you!

Please note that a domain's annual registration fee of $20 must be paid when you register it. We do not register domains for trial accounts.

Check Domain Availability

Domain without Email

If you have a website with its own domain, you should be using it for email. It strengthens your brand and gives a more professional appearance. Even if you love your current provider, forwarding reduces the downsides of being locked out of your account.

With Pobox, you can send mail from addresses at your domain, nearly anywhere you forward it. (Yes, even Gmail.)

Just ask your provider how you can change your MX records, and start using your domain for email today!

Domain is being used for Personal Email

Lots of web services do email as an add-on. If you love their site features, but find the email lackluster, move to the email specialists. You just need to be able to change your MX records.

When you're already using a domain for email, we want to make sure there's no interruption to your mail. So, before you change your MX records, you want to make sure that mail is set up for all the addresses currently in use. Add your domain to your Pobox account, set up the addresses, then change the MX records. We recommend leaving both setups in place for at least 3-5 days, just in case some mail still goes to your old provider.

If you need help, have a complicated set up or just aren't sure if you've got everything covered, talk to us.

Your address options

Set up addresses: If you use a smaller number of addresses regularly, or like to maximize control over your setup, specify the addresses you will use. Accounts include 20 to 100 addresses, depending on type.

AllMail ($10/year): Giving companies a unique email address is a great way to improve your online security. AllMail accepts messages for any address at your domain. Spammers abusing an address? You can set up exceptions, which we will bounce.

Extra Users: Using a Pobox Plus or Mailstore account lets you share your account with low-activity users for forwarding. Delivery Groups let you forward mail for a particular address to the user's ISP.

Domain is being used by Many Users

For users who need their own mailboxes, or passwords and access to change their settings, you need multiple accounts. Please see our Group and Corporate pricing for details on automatic discounts.

For any large-scale migration, we will work directly with you to make sure it proceeds as smoothly as possible. At your preference, we can do a staged migration, or cut everyone over at once.