Our Mission

Email is something people use every day. They count on it for work, their social schedule, to buy and sell stuff, send pictures, almost anything you can think of. Yet, by and large, they get their mailboxes from people who specialize in everything but email. ISPs are selling Internet connections. Free accounts are selling advertising. School and business addresses become obsolete when you graduate or change jobs.

At Pobox, we're all about email. It's our specialty; our driving force. We strive to solve your email problems.

Our customers are people who are passionate about their email. Our job is to give them an email service worthy of that passion.

Our Story

In 1995, Pobox founder Meng Wong anticipated a problem for his brand-new upenn.edu email address. What was he going to do when he graduated? His postal mail would be forwarded wherever he went; why couldn't his email work the same way? Pobox.com was based on the idea of a lifetime email address, and found a loyal following immediately. All our additional services have grown out of customer requests — as their needs change, we seek to change with them.

Since 1997, Pobox has been headed by Helen Horstmann-Allen. Our technical team is headed by Perl expert Ricardo Signes, and our code is regularly shared with open source projects. Since 2015, Pobox has been a service of FastMail.