Unlock your email identity.

Pobox wants you to own your email address for life. Our useful features let you decide how email should work for you.

Powerful Features

Email for Life

Get an address you never have to change, at your own domain or one of ours.

A Robust Inbox

Mailstore is your Pobox email Inbox. It includes 50GB of storage that you can access with webmail, IMAP or POP.

The Human Touch

Our customer service specializes in solving problems, not giving you the runaround.

Smart Filtering

Filter first! We can block mail, send you a push notification, and lots more, all before it hits your inbox.

Say Goodbye to Spam

Spam protection isn't one size fits all. We let you customize to fit your comfort level.

We're Flexible

Our accounts have lots of flexible features, to reflect how you use email. Use Pobox to put your workflow on steroids.

Find The Plan That's Right For You


Our most popular option


Get Started

  • 50GB of storage
  • Webmail with 2 styles to choose from
  • IMAP/POP access
  • Easy import of your existing mail
  • plus all the features of Plus accounts!

Pobox Plus

Boost productivity with filters


Get Started

  • Forward mail by alias
  • Server-side email filters to CC,
    redirect, block, autoreply and more
  • Push notifications to Pushover or Prowl
  • Plus all the features of Basic accounts!

Pobox Basic

Easy email freedom


Get Started

  • Forward to up to 5 places
  • Up to 20 aliases included
  • Use your own domain for free
  • Customize your spam filtering
  • Features by Plan →

What Our Customers Say

“Pobox aims to help customers manage online identity through the creation and administration of email aliases. Individual users can quickly secure and control their own domains, while the company's resources empower affinity groups, such as universities, to easily manage high-volume needs.”

Christine Preusler, HostingAdvice

“[Pobox] enables me to redirect incoming mail to any number of devices and services — and provides really impressive spam-blocking on the side. The most significant thing about pobox.com, however, is that it's non-intrusive, for one simple reason: its business model does not depend on exploiting my identity for advertising purposes.”

John Naughton, The Observer